What to do with those leftover tubes?

Bamboo tubes

Bamboo tubes waiting patiently

In the course of creating bamboo candles and bamboo pots for Shop for Bamboo, there remains, usually, sections of tubes or cylinders. These are stacked on shelves awaiting some inspired idea for their use.

Then I saw this house designed for the climate in Costa Rica by architect Benjamin Garcia Saxe¬†featured on the dornob.com¬†website. I’m guessing that the bamboo used is Guadua, a giant bamboo native to Costa Rica well suited for structural work.

Guadua bamboo seems to be the mainstay of the The National Bamboo Project of Costa Rica. The Project was established with the dual aims of reducing deforestation by replacing timber with bamboo as a primary building material and providing low cost housing for Costa Rica’s rural poor.

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The way the tubes are used becomes even clearer inside the house. The view to the ceiling is said to be reminiscent of leaves.

Given the right situation, this house may well be my dream home. Light, airy, spacious and private. And who wouldn’t want a paw paw tree growing in their lounge room?

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