Welcome to Life with Bamboo!

bamboo culmsI love bamboo. I’m fascinated by the myriad uses of this giant grass and constantly amazed that this sustainable and rapid growing plant is not held in higher regard and used more in the West.

I live with bamboo. In my spare time I make functional and practical items with bamboo for everyday use.

Why this blog?

The purpose of this blog is to share some of the ways that bamboo get used around the world and, hopefully, inspire greater use of bamboo.

Over time, here you will find photos, ideas and information about bamboo, reviews on books about bamboo, bamboo travel stories, bamboo recipes, what other people are posting online about bamboo, bamboo philosophy… and other things bamboo, as I think of them. I’ll also show you some of things I’m making with bamboo.

Is there something about bamboo you’d like to share?

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