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Bamboo in Acupuncture

bamboo stripsBack in December, some bamboo strips got a mention in a post on this site. The post touched on medical texts written on bamboo slips that were unearthed during the construction of a subway in Chengdu, China. More details have since emerged.

It turns out that the 2,000 year old bamboo strips are mainly texts about diagnosing disease by taking the patient’s pulse. This practice, commonly known as the 29 Pulses, is still used today. My local acupuncture practitioners certainly use it (and to good effect).

Pulse diagnosis in traditional Chinese medicine can provide very detailed information on the state of the internal organs and, indeed, every part of the body. Taking the pulses is one method that an acupuncturist, who is trained in the practice, may use to determine which points to treat with their acupuncture needles.

Some of the very early acupuncture needles are thought to have been made of bamboo too: a far cry from what we see, and hardly feel, today. Modern, stainless steel, acupuncture needles are very thin, ranging from 0.16 mm to 0.38 mm in thickness. The tip of a modern acupuncture needle is conical in shape, which allows it to penetrate the tissues, separating the fibres of the muscle as it enters, without causing damage. A bamboo needle might induce a less subtle sensation. (Just the thought makes me wince).

bamboo stripsAs an aside, the fascination with bamboo strips extends beyond academia. You can find bamboo strips for The Sims 3, also mentioned in a previous post. Noiranddarksims is offering a Bamboo Slip Conversion as the latest in Decorative Objects. I must confess though, I don’t get it. Can someone please explain?


Bamboo on the Internet for April 2014 – my picks

bamboo vases

  • Made with a bamboo frame, WakkaWater is a proposed solution for water shortages in Ethiopia. These giant ‘bamboo vases’ are easily constructed with local materials and can collect nearly 100 litres (over 25 gallons) of potable water in a day.
  • Election time in Bhubaneswar, the capital of Orissa, India provides a welcome boost to income for large numbers of people. Thousands of bamboo poles are needed to string party flags and banners, as well as frames and stands for campaigning. I wonder happens to all the bamboo after the election?

bamboo fishtrap

  • The Patwari family in the Narail district of Bangladesh make bamboo fish traps of a design so old that no-one remembers how it came about. Bamboo is cut into the thin strips to make the traps. The family can make 2 or 3 fish traps a day.
  • In the US? You could help support the red panda’s at Chicago’s Lincoln Park Zoo with “I’m Not a Raccoon” Red Saison ale. The 6% alcohol traditional Belgian farmhouse ale is brewed with the main elements of the red panda diet – bamboo and mulberry leaves. DryBrew is donating a percentage of profits to the zoo’s Red Panda Wish List Fund

bamboo chopsticks

  • Malaysian artist ‘Red’ Hong Si created a portrait of Jackie Chan using 64,000 bamboo chopsticks. Read why on her blog. There is also a short video of her and Mr Chan himself in a chopstick duel.
  • An Irish explorer and his Vietnamese crew member were reunited 21 years after crossing the Pacific Ocean on a bamboo raft. Great looking craft. The book about the voyage, The China Voyage: Across The Pacific By Bamboo Raft was published in 1996 and the Vietnamese translation was released this month. You can learn more about the vessel here.


  • More lovely bamboo accessories for ifolk. No electricity required for this portable speaker. The natural acoustics of the bamboo amplifies the sound. 


  • Sabang (Philippines), is probably most famous for it’s underground river. If you stay around longer than a day tour, you may see the bamboo walkway through the mangroves that leads to a bird watching area and trails to the mountainside forest.


  • And finally, for fans of strategic life simulation video games, the Sims 3 bamboo bedroom set. I marked it as ‘must have.’