Bamboo is a relatively new passion for me. I live on 30 acres near Kuranda in Far North Queensland, Australia. There are several stands of bamboo here, at least four different kinds, each over 30 years old, that I harvest and cure to make things with. I enjoy exploring the myriad of functional uses for bamboo through both creating useful and practical household items and researching bamboo online.

My most recent incarnation has me living on my own 99 acre block of bush/pasture in the Wide Bay-Burnett region of Queensland.

Rest assured, the research that goes into each post is thorough. As a university librarian with a PhD, research is something I care about and enjoy. I happily invest many hours in research and writing for each post that is published here.

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  1. Nirada

    Do you know of anywhere in Australia that sells the Indonesian
    termite treatment Freemite?


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