Introduction to bamboo salt

bamboo salt

The mention of bamboo salt toothpaste in a recent post piqued my curiosity about bamboo salt. There are many websites extolling the miraculous virtues of the stuff. It all seemed too good to be true, so I did some research. The more research I did, the more interested I became.

What is bamboo salt?

A product of Korea, bamboo salt is sun-dried sea salt roasted inside sections of bamboo that are sealed with clay. Mature bamboo, of at least three years old, is used for the process. The clay used to seal the bamboo sections is usually yellow clay, high in minerals.

The process
  • Sections of the bamboo culm are cut leavingbamboosalt one end open and the other end closed.
  • The bamboo tubes are filled with the sun-dried sea salt and tamped down firmly.
  • The open is end is sealed with clay.
  • The tubes are stacked inside a furnace and roasted using timber from pine trees.
  • The result is hard column of solidified salt.
  • The column of salt is crushed.

This process may be repeated three, six or nine times to give different grades of culinary and medicinal salt. Medicinal grade bamboo salt is very high in minerals. Most sources I consulted for this post say at least 70 different minerals. Bamboo salt is highly alkaline, a powerful antioxidant and has excellent anti-bacterial properties. The lengthy production process probably accounts for the high price.


Here is a short list of just some of the claimed benefits of bamboo salt:

  • Treatment and prevention of inflammatory diseases
  • Suppression of allergic reactions
  • Promotes dental health
  • Improves glucose tolerance for diabetics
  • Does not induce hypertension

There are numerous academic papers published about the medicinal benefits of bamboo salt. I’m planning to study a good cross-section of the ones I can get access to and publish my findings here in future post. Good holiday reading!

Have you tried bamboo salt for culinary or medicinal purposes?

Unfortunately for Australians looking to buy bamboo salt, Amazon does not ship it to Australia. It is, however, available on eBay au.